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Hi, we are Arne and Lotta,

How nice that you are visiting our website. We know nothing about you but hope you will feel as welcome in our community as we did from the very beginning.

Who are we then? My name is Arne and I am an ordinary middle-aged man from Skåne, who has worked in industry and construction for many years. After that I jumped into the trucking profession and discovered a lot on my travels from Umeå in northern Sweden to Almeria in southern Spain, then I started a transport and logistics company with four employees. My great interest has always been in old American cars, I have both driven and owned many Yankee cars in my days. It was also thanks to that that I met my partner Lotta, 13 years ago. Which should actually be an impossibility as Lotta didn't even know what a “greaser”/”raggare” was. But fate wanted otherwise. Despite bookings in different places, we still ended up next to each other, and there we still are!

Fate also showed itself when we were going to buy a house together and we then found our gem in the forest outside Sjöbo in Skåne with wonderful birdsong outside the window. This gives us the positive energy that propels us forward in life.

Nowadays, our life is shared with a cat, four children and the "dessert of life" which are our five beloved grandchildren.

If you were to ask those around us what characterizes us the most, they would answer without hesitation, our humor and all our craziness and pranks we constantly do. But despite a good life in Sweden, the desire only grows bigger every year, to travel, make dreams come true and discover new places.

By starting our new online business, we can now create new memories both for us, the children and the grandchildren who are happy to accompany us on the journey. We have been able to let go of many of our worries about the future, thanks to our online business, our wonderful team, with a great community, and a constant support, like-minded people who rejoice and celebrate each other and each other's successes.

If you want to work both for your own time and place freedom, break the old pattern with new challenges, do not hesitate to embark on this adventure with us!


Arne and Lotta

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